"If actions are created from emotion, imagine an entire society where our actions are created from a calmer and more peaceful state".

Joshlyn Steele

We are a national community of yoga teachers on a mission to support the mental and physical well being of our youth and fellow human beings. 

About our Founder, Joshlyn Steele

Joshlyn is a business woman who has spent the last 20 years building a successful career in corporate real estate. She hit the jackpot when her 3rd eye opened up in the magical land of Bali, Indonesia on a yoga retreat. In her own words, “yoga helped me create space within my mind and body in order to understand myself and the world more clearly. It’s similar to how a snow plow clears a pathway; all the junk and chaos is moved to the side leaving only truth on a smooth and unobstructed passage.”

When the pandemic hit and mental health statistics rose at alarming rates, Joshlyn gathered a community of yoga teachers, friends, family members, and colleagues, and together they formed Yoga and Youth. She resigned from her corporate career one month before its launch, moved into a RV, and is traveling the country spreading the cause to as many people as possible.